Creators of artistic and bespoke wallcoverings

ABITAdecò doesn’t fix any limits on its creation, feelings, imagination and fantasy. This is what happens whenever Italian architects and designers in deep love with their job, facing wallcovering.


Our team

Their hands and their hearts start designing 40 years ago, on architecture and interior design fields, throughout Europe and Africa. Little by little they decide to interpret and grab the world of bespoke wallcovering.

A multicultural, creative, compact and highly qualified professional team is approaching people and cultures by universal single language, and designs dream images, each one as a unique work of art.


ABITAdecò is a bespoke made

Works are totally customized and carefully studied for each specific project.

ABITAdecò cares for the client and takes him throughout his dream, starting from project consulting to photomontage, from implementation plans to hanging advices.

Each work is numbered and signed personally by the artist, who take part to bring his unique touch, on request.


Our mission

Creating emotions and giving strong identity to areas is the purpose of ABITAdecò.

Each work tells a story made of images, sketches and graphic touches, and carries us away in a world that inspires an unique atmosphere to each interior and exterior area.

Meetings and union of oriental, western and african cultures, delicate arabesques, bucolic and mysterious landscapes, enchanted birds and butterflies, light and matter of the sunny lands, patinas of forgotten walls, retrospective of Renaissance drawings and old engravings, glamour of the early 1900s.

Immersion in a world where a magic and nostalgic universe reigns supreme.

Spotlight on the audacity of a refined and novel creativity, on a constant research into the quality.


Production and environment

Solicitous about the environment, ABITAdecò selected only certified supports and ecological inks of European manufacture. All the products are made in Italy with the highest quality digital printing technology for an optimal resolution.