Information on the types and use of cookies on our site

This document is intended to inform users about the procedures followed for the collection, through cookies and / or other monitoring technologies, of the information provided when they visit the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

The owner of the processing of personal data collected through the Site is ABITAdecò, with registered office in Rue Bairem Ettounsi, 15 bis La Marsa, Tunis (hereinafter referred to as "ABITAdecò"), which will treat them in accordance with the applicable legislation on privacy and protection of personal data.


1. Definition of cookies

Cookies are short fragments of text (letters and / or numbers) that allow the web server to store on the client (the browser) information to be reused during the same visit to the site (session cookies) or later, even after days (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored, according to user preferences, by the single browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

They can be of two types: session or permanent. Session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed, while the permanent cookies continue to reside in the memory of the device used, even after the browser is closed. Permanent ones generally have an expiration date, beyond which they are automatically removed.

Similar technologies, such as, for example, web beacons, transparent GIFs and all forms of local storage introduced with HTML5, can be used to gather information on user behavior and use of services.

In the following of this document we will refer to cookies and all similar technologies simply by using the term "cookies".


2. Types of cookies

While browsing the site, the user can also receive cookies on their terminal that are sent from different websites or web servers (so-called "third parties"), on which some elements may exist (eg: images, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) on the site that he is visiting. Therefore, there can be in this respect:

First-party cookies: sent directly from ABITAdecò to the user's device.

Third-party cookies: coming from a third party but sent on behalf of ABITAdecò.


3. Management of cookies on this site

To simplify the management of cookies by the user for this site, we have divided the cookies that we potentially use, in 5 categories. Through the form shown at the beginning of this page, it is possible, at any time, to enable / disable the consent for each single category of cookies, ticking or not the relative checkbox (except for the category indicated as "Required").

The first time you access the site, the cookies related to the categories "Statistics", "Video", "Advertising" and "Social" are not activated in a preventive manner. Only upon confirmation, the page will be regenerated including the service (s) for which consent was given.

Below are the 5 categories:

Cookies Category Description
Essential We mean cookies generated by this site (first party cookies), both session and permanent, which oversee the correct operation of the site and the storage of the choices made by the user regarding cookies. These cookies are installed automatically from the site at the first visit. If the user removes them, the Site may not work.
Analitycs The third-party cookies are generated by the Google Analitycs service and the Google Adwords service (both by Google Inc.), used to track aggregate and anonymous statistics and verify conversions. If the user decides not to check the "Statistics" checkbox, the Google Analytics and Google Adwords services will not be activated for this site.
YouTube The Video group includes third-party cookies generated by the YouTube service (by Google Inc.), which we use to show videos related to our proposals. If the user decides not to check the "Video" checkbox, our videos will not be visible on the site.
Advertising The Advertising group includes third-party cookies and / or other technological solutions generated by the Facebook Pixel service for remarketing or retargeting campaigns on the Facebook platform. If the user decides not to check the "Advertising" checkbox, the service will not be activated on this site.
Social The social group includes third-party cookies generated by the AddThis service (by Oracle Inc.) that allows you to share the proposals of this site through the Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp platforms. If the user decides not to check the "Social" checkbox, the sharing buttons will not be shown.


4. Protection against spam

The forms (contact, information request, etc.) found on this site, make use of the SPAM protection service, Google reCAPTCHA provided by Google Inc. This service analyzes the traffic on this Website, potentially containing Personal Information Users, in order to filter it from parts of traffic, messages and content recognized as SPAM.


5. Further information on third-party cookies used on this site

cookies category Service Description
Analitycs Google Analitycs Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of this Application, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google. Google may use the Personal Data to contextualise and personalize the advertisements of its advertising network.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Google Adwords The Site may use the Google Adwords service (by Google Inc.) whose conversion tracking function uses cookies. To help us keep track of sales and other conversions, a cookie is added to a user's computer when that user clicks on an ad. This cookie lasts 30 days and does not collect or monitor information that can personally identify a user.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of processing: USA - Privacy Policy
Video YouTube YouTube is a video display service managed by Google Inc. that allows this site to embed such content on its pages.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Advertising Facebook Inc. The Facebook pixel is a tool (provided by Facebook Inc.) for the collection of statistical data that allows to measure the effectiveness of advertising, understanding the actions that people perform on the website.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy
Social addThis Share Buttons (of Oracle Corporation) is a service linked to bookmarking of the main social networks that can be integrated within the websites through the use of a widget. In this site a widget is used to show, in the pages of the proposals, the buttons of Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, in order to allow the sharing of content through the connection to one or more of the aforementioned social networks.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of processing: USA – Privacy Policy

Even if the user is not registered to social networks, websites with active social plugins can send data to the networks. Through an active plugin, a cookie with an encoding will be set each time you access the site. Since the user's browser at every connection with a server of a network sends this cookie without request, the network could create a profile that recalls websites that the user has visited. In this case, it is possible to link the encoding to a person, for example when the user connects to the social network.

If the user does not wish to associate the visit of the pages of the Site with his social accounts, he must log-off from social Website.

For more information on the processing and use of data through social networks, as well as on the settings for the protection of privacy, it is advisable to check the privacy policies of the respective social networks or websites.


For more information on the processing of personal data of the user, see Privacy Policy page.


Last updated: September, 19  2018