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Our story

Abita Deco was born from a five-year experience with the idea of reinventing the concept of fresco in a modern way.

Artistic contaminations



Artistic contaminations

From the most unexpected fusions come emotions, from which derive the oddities of our works, between modern, kitsch, classical, hyperrealism and trompe-l’œil.
Based on these principles, our idea of frescoes on wall dyes combines different figurative and graphic registers.
A majestic peacock on an oriental tile perspective or giant butterflies on a moucharabieh background. The suggestions we create always have an Eastern and Western connotation, illustrating the many influences the Mediterranean has undergone over the millennia.


Our creative process begins with the pencil, which transfers manual strokes to paper and then to computer. The works are digitally printed with eco-friendly inks, produced in Italy and comply with European health and environmental regulations.
The creations unite the two shores of the Mediterranean, inspired by the symbolic chain that connects cultures. Each work, both indoor and outdoor, is the result of combinations and mixtures that evoke strong emotions.


The main purpose of our company is to create emotions and give strong identity to environments.

Each work tells a story made up of images, sketches and graphic touches, and transports us into a world that inspires each interior and exterior space with a unique atmosphere.

Encounters and blend of Eastern, Western and African cultures, delicate arabesques, bucolic and mysterious landscapes, enchanted birds and butterflies, light and matter of sunny lands, patina of forgotten walls, retrospective of Renaissance drawings and ancient engravings, glamour of the early 1900s .

Design team

Architect, designer

After high school art studies, he graduated with honors in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Turin.

In 1979 he opened his own architectural studio. Deep attention to detail is a must in all his works. Expert in historic properties and renovations. Countless projects in residential, commercial and design.

Starting from a drawing, his artistic expression shows a double soul that unites modernity and history, Western and Eastern style.

Ideas, colors, passion, a continuous search for innovation and functionality.

Architect, interior designer

Born in northern Italy in the city of Turin. After higher art education, he graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Turin.

In 1980 she began her historical research on historic buildings and renovations.

She is a great lover of heritage and history and deeply involved successfully in creating the right balance between modernity and the past in all works.

Artist, photographer, geometer

Born in Salvador, he makes numerous experiences in Europe and Africa that allow him to fall in love with cultural diversity.

In-depth studies in art, photography and the study of history have led him to the acquisition of skills to better select everything necessary for the creation of environments, both commercial and residential, functional and with original and innovative designs. His command of English, Italian, French and Arabic languages place him as a point of reference in the assistance and design of interior and exterior furniture.